Group Coordinator

Henry Zeus Harvey is native Houstonian that loves providing once in a lifetime experiences, adventures, activities, and cultural history to our clients.

I have over 30 years’ experience in large group travel. I provide VIP activities and luxury vacations on a group travel budget. My goal is to provide a service for smaller groups to join our big group to make travel affordable:

  • Reunions
  • Connect with Like-Minded people
  • Enjoy New Experiences
  • Cultural Awareness

Henry Zeus Harvey has enjoyed traveling to many wonderful destinations. I look forward to you joining our wonderful group, as we travel the world.

My Mission

I believe that travel opens your mind and outlook on life. A key ingredient to healthy living is the memories that you create with friends and family. My mission is to provide An avenue for like-minded people to come together and experience the wonders of the world.

My Business Partners

Emirates Airline, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airlines, South African Airlines and Kalula Airways.